Striving to Prevent Business Disputes

At Ruderman & Roth, LLC., our attorneys represent management in all labor and employment related matters. Since 1988, a major part of our practice has been helping employers avoid violations of employment laws through training and harassment claim investigation. Employee training and prompt and thorough claims investigations minimize the potential for costly litigation and limit employer exposure in the event of litigation.

Supervisory and Non-Supervisory Employee Training in New Jersey

Based in Springfield, New Jersey, our firm offers a range of training for employers and employees, including:

  • Prevention of Harassment (Including Sexual Harassment) and Discrimination In the Workplace
  • Hiring, Firing and Discipline Within the Law
  • Wage and Hour Training
  • Employer Policies and Procedures Overview
  • Employment Law for Supervisors
  • Disability Law and Reasonable Accommodation
  • Employee Leave Law including Family Medical Leave

We design and customize each seminar to meet our client’s individual needs and to address applicable state law requirements. Our programs include supervisory training, non-supervisory training and one-on-one training with specific employees or supervisors. Thousands of individuals have participated in our seminars.

Increased public awareness of harassment, including sexual harassment, illegal discrimination and other workplace violations has led to a dramatic increase in employment-related litigation. Our seminars reduce an employer’s exposure to costly litigation by educating supervisors and subordinates about appropriate behavior in the workplace. The seminars educate supervisors on the basics of employment law in the context of their particular position, providing them with the opportunity to obtain straight answers to the human resource questions that they confront on a daily basis. Training also enables supervisors to recognize potential problems so that they can seek guidance before taking an adverse employment action that might result in litigation. Additionally, should litigation arise, training minimizes an employer’s exposure to damages.

Whether your company is a small corporation that has been recently formed and has had minimal training or a large business with established policies needing refresher courses, our attorneys are prepared to meet your business’ needs.

Conducting Prompt and Thorough Investigations

The law requires that an employer conduct prompt and thorough investigations into employee harassment complaints. In addition to performing workplace training, our attorneys are available to assist the employer in conducting the harassment investigation. We will thoroughly and promptly review any internal harassment complaint brought to the employer’s attention. As part of the investigation process, we produce an investigation report documenting, among other things, the individuals interviewed, their statements, and material reviewed in the course of the investigation. The report concludes with a detailed analysis and well supported findings. We also work with employers in recommending appropriate corrective action in instances where inappropriate behavior or policy violations are found to have occurred.

Employer Support

For assistance identifying and handling potential labor and employment law issues, consult with a knowledgeable New Jersey lawyer. Contact us online or call our office at 973-467-5111 to schedule an appointment.