Creating Effective Employee Manuals in New Jersey

Employer policies and procedures manuals are essential to an employer’s smooth operation. Manuals contain an employer’s rules and regulations and significantly protect an employer from unnecessary litigation in several ways. First, they contain policies required by law, such as policies prohibiting harassment in the workplace, which evidence an employer’s exercise of due care in preventing illegal harassment. Second, manuals fulfill mandatory legal notification requirements by informing employees of their rights and obligations under federal and state law. Third, they promote uniform employee management, minimizing employee differential treatment claims. Additionally, supplemental policies and procedures designed solely for supervisory employees provide supervisors with additional guidance on issues pertinent to supervisors.

At Ruderman & Roth, LLC., we assist management with the development of employee handbooks, supervisory policies and procedures and training related to those manuals and policies. Since 1988, our team has drafted, reviewed and taught handbook policies and procedures to clients across the country.

Providing Solutions, Not Just Answers

Our firm, based in Springfield, New Jersey, has decades of experience drafting and editing Policies and Procedures Manuals for a range of companies. Because our attorneys are familiar with the needs of various businesses, we tailor each manual to our clients’ business needs and develop effective manuals designed to protect an employer’s interests and promote positive employee relations. We ensure that your business’ employee handbook addresses necessary issues, such as:

  • Terms of hiring and termination, as well as the applicable state and federal equal employment opportunity statutes governing such actions;
  • Prevention of harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment, in the workplace, and the establishment of a complaint procedure through which employees can bring concerns to management’s attention should a problem arise;
  • General employee benefits, including company holidays, vacation time and sick pay;
  • Information regarding Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and applicable workers’ compensation statutes;
  • Policies governing employer expectations with regard to personal business, Internet usage and e-mail regulation, absenteeism, tardiness and drug and alcohol use;
  • Wages, including hours of work, overtime and exempt and non-exempt classification;
  • Termination of employment, including voluntary and involuntary termination, layoffs, retirement, resignation and notice requirements and exit interviews;
  • A supervisory supplement that provides supervisors with helpful information on human resource issues they encounter frequently, including pre-employment inquiries, conducting performance evaluations, and taking disciplinary action.

After creating an employee manual customized for your business, our lawyers assist our clients with the implementation and distribution of the manual to employees. We also offer targeted training to help managers and employees further understand the company’s policies and procedures.

Consult With a Knowledgeable Labor and Employment Law Firm

Sound labor policy applied consistently throughout your company is the most effective defense against employment lawsuits. If, however, an employee brings a claim against your business, our firm provides assertive and zealous employment litigation representation.

To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call our office at 973-467-5111. We welcome the opportunity to meet your business’ needs.