Collective Bargaining, Arbitration & Union Relations

If your employees are talking about forming a union, you are likely spending a lot of quality production time on legal issues and contract talks. An experienced legal team on your side can help you sort through the union demands and give you more time to focus on your customers and clients.

Established in 1988, the New Jersey law firm of Ruderman & Roth, LLC., provides quality representation for a wide range of business and corporate clients. Our labor attorneys have the concrete experience and skill to handle even your most complex labor law matter.

Union Relations Law Firm

At Ruderman & Roth, LLC., we are dedicated to providing creative solutions, not just answers. Whether your company is just starting to deal with a union or if you have been doing it for years, our attorneys are equipped to provide practical, accurate and reliable advice.

After employees vote to form a union, the next step is the creation of the union contract. This stage is critical in terms of negotiation and setting expectations for future dealings with the union. The contract will include all types of employment issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Wages and bonus pay outs
  • Leave and vacation accrual
  • Hiring and termination
  • Arbitration rights and processes

The formation of the union contract is governed by federal law. During the formation process, the union will typically pick a representative and in some cases the union has an attorney.

Your business is a success because you focus on your organization’s strengths and producing high quality products or services. The day-to-day business demands do not stop when you negotiate a union contract.  Our attorneys’ experience dealing with unions and understanding the way in which contract provisions can impact your bottom line will allow you to concentrate your time and effort on those details that matter most.

New Jersey Labor Lawyers Helping You Focus On Business

If your company has a union contract in place, allegations that management violated the contract or employee disciplinary action may be appealed to arbitration.  Our attorneys are experienced in helping employers prepare for and manage grievance arbitrations.  We have the experience to represent you throughout the process and at the arbitration hearing so that you can focus your energies on your business.

Dealing With Organized Labor in New Jersey

When a business’ employees are in the process of organizing a union campaign, the employer faces serious risks.  Increased labor and employee benefit costs combined with the potential for decreased productivity can inhibit a company’s ability to compete in the marketplace.  In this situation, it is important that your business hire an experienced attorney to assist with union avoidance or the decertification of an existing union.

At Ruderman & Roth, LLC., we have been representing businesses and corporations in union relation matters since 1988.  After defeating or decertifying a union, our team will work to improve employee relations with management so that workers are not encouraged to attempt to unionize again.

Experienced Union Relations Attorneys

Based in Springfield, New Jersey, our firm has more than 25 years of legal experience handling union relations for employers. Specifically, we:

  • Provide supervisory union avoidance training
  • Identify when workers initially attempt to unionize
  • Develop strategies for election campaigns
  • Run election campaigns once a union is on the scene
  • Inform employees about the company’s position regarding unions
  • Handle National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) petition matters

Our firm has a proven track record of success in running campaigns and winning elections. Our accomplishments include the decertification of the United Auto Workers (UAW) after seven years of unionization.  After defeating or decertifying a union, our focus shifts to rebuilding trust between management and employees and helping businesses grow toward a more productive future.

Overcoming the Union Advantage

Our lawyers have vast experience with union avoidance and decertification. To discuss how we can assist you with a union relation matter, contact us online or call our office at 973-467-5111. We welcome the opportunity to help your business maintain or reclaim its power.

For more information about our services, please contact our labor and employment law firm or call us at 973-467-5111. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your labor and employment needs.